Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Mind Crime: Part 9

    Instead of an endlessly long blog series, I could just write a well researched book. "Mind Crime: The Rights of Digital Minds" or something of the sort. Maybe I could make an impact that way, who knows. Maybe my fourteen eventual Goodreads ratings will lead to something positive, but probably not.

    Still, one of my ideas is that writing things down matters. Maybe this will start a conversation somewhere, that starts another conversation somewhere. I don't exactly know, but it is worth thinking about. I think I will write a hundred blog posts, and then re-evaluate. If by then I feel I have enough material and enough personal interest in the topic, I may proceed with an actual attempt. One of the problems with this is the actual story. Maybe avoiding ex-risk is more impactful, whatever I think of S-risk. How niche are my ideas, actually? The Matrix, Don't Worry Darling, Black Mirror, and a host of other movies, TV shows, and books all deal with virtual worlds and virtual suffering. But does anyone really see it as possible? Does anyone worry about it, and see the advances in AI as threatening similar dystopias? I am not entirely sure that they do. And they should. Regardless, my ability to make an impact on my own is very limited. Not only do I lack the expertise, but I lack the network to review, edit, and pass on such topics and ideas.

    The dominant strategy is probably this: write 100 posts, talk to people in AI, and see what happens from there. Over the next few months I'll probably have more fleshed out ideas and better arguments for each.

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